Emilio Braun Burillo responds to the community with backpacks

Emilio Braun Burillo Backpacks

America TeVe represented by Emilio Braun Burillo reaffirm its commitment to the community, their expected annual giveaway of 1,200 backpacks with the respective school supplies.

From 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., talents, executives and sponsors of the only United States independent Hispanic chain were present for their community in the networks facilities in Hialeah Gardens.

Despite the overwhelming heat, nothing slowed the efforts of America TeVe, who welcomed the arrival of families from early hours of the morning. In addition to backpacks and school supplies, they received countless gifts from the hands of artists, journalists, sponsors and other local personalities.

The event began with the words of Emilio Braun Burillo, representative of America CV Network, LLC. accompanied by Carlucho, host of El Happy Hour.

Among the well-known talent roster of our network who welcomed the visitors were Monica Pascualotto, María Laria, Yossie Galindo, Juan Manuel Cao, Yelenis Reyna, Guillermo Félix, Pedro Sevcec and Carlos Otero. As with every year, we appreciate the strong presence of our sponsors: Chen Medical Center, Five Star Jewelers, Tropical Paradise, President Supermarkets, Mirtha de Perales, Kendall Toyota, Ambar Motors, Patrick Cordero among others.

Emilio Braun Burillo shows support for parents

“The expectation and the success of this event year after year encourages us to continue serving the South Florida community,” said Carlos Vasallo, President and CEO of America CV Network. For his part, Burillo Braun, said: “our purpose is to encourage children and their parents by assisting them with the necessary resources that help relieve back-to-school spending”.

The deliveries of backpacks as well as of turkeys for Thanksgiving in November are two prized traditions of America TeVe, which have penetrated deeply into the South Florida community.

America Teve is the independent #1 Spanish station based in Miami, with renown presence in the markets of Miami, New York and Puerto Rico.

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